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WSUS without AD

Posted by quad3datwork, 06-17-2011, 11:37 AM
I have couple a questions for those have configured WSUS w/o AD successfully before. Have a Win2K3 server w/ WSUS stuff installed. I see the Updated Services Management Console and have approved updates and whatnot. I am working in a non-AD environment where I have 4 Windows machines I have to configure to connect to this local WSUS server. Let's call the WSUS machine "wsus.local" and clients "client*". Here is what I added to the registry on client1: (Yes, wsus.local is resolvable) Once I did this, I see the tab "Automatic Updates" under System Properties grayed out. I guess it's working? I ran Windows Updates on client1, successfully pulled, updated, and rebooted. However, I don't see any reference in c:\windows\windowsupdates.txt file referencing that it connected to my wsus.local machine. So my two questions is: 1) How can I make wsus.local's Updates Services Management Console see the client* machines? Please see attachment. 2) How can I really tell the client* is connecting and downloading updates from wsus.local? Sorry I am not a Windows sysadmin, just want to learn. Thank you for any food for thoughts. Attached Thumbnails  

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