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SolusVM not sending emails

Posted by termination, 02-16-2011, 01:54 AM
Ok, sorry if this is the wrong forum... but i cannot get solusvm to send emails. it asks for a SMTP user-name and password. or PHP-mail. What would i need to install on the master server for it to start sending emails. Thanks in advance.

Posted by MikeDVB, 02-16-2011, 02:20 AM
You should contact SolusVM support for this - WHT is not the SolusVM helpdesk. http://www.solusvm.com/support.html

Posted by Matt R, 02-16-2011, 02:22 AM
You should create an email account on your normal web server and simply have SolusVM point to your web/email servers SMTP server using that account information. Most receiving email servers are smart enough to check the sending email servers IP addresses against your SPF records. Chances are you're sending with PHP Mail() and the SPF records are causing the emails to not be received.

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