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URL masking / Stealth Redirection

Posted by crazyaboutlinux, 09-27-2010, 10:10 AM
I want to do URL Masking means that the visitors to the domain name will be forwarded to destination website, however the URL in their browser address bar will remain the same. Also known as Stealth Redirection or URL Hiding, this will ensure that your visitors see the orignal domain name and not the destination URL For eg If your website is hosted at http://www.megrihost.com/Virtual_Pr...ps_servers.html. You choose to forward it to "http://www.megrisoft.com/services/ ...private_server/ . Then if you enable URL Masking, your visitors will never see http://www.megrihost.com/Virtual_Pr...ps_servers.html as a URL in their browser address bar." Exactly i want to do this thing how can i ?

Posted by drspliff, 09-27-2010, 10:22 AM
Two approaches you can take are: Frame based redirect Reverse proxy The first approach you'd do a frameset containing a single full sized frame which points to the destination address, this way visitors will see the URL of the page containing the frameset - even if they navigate to sub items. The second approach is to actually proxy requests through to the other server, e.g. using mod_proxy (or whichever reverse proxy capable service you prefer, like varnish, ZXTM, nginx etc.)

Posted by crazyaboutlinux, 09-27-2010, 10:30 AM
Please provide steps for frame based redirection

Posted by drspliff, 09-27-2010, 10:49 AM
1) Learn what a frameset is (e.g. go look at w3schools) 2) Apply recently acquired knowledge 3) Profit

Posted by crazyaboutlinux, 10-01-2010, 05:34 AM
I am not a professional about frame redirection so if you guide me step by step then it will be good.

Posted by lynxus, 10-01-2010, 05:44 AM
Just create a webpage on the original website with keywords etc..

Posted by crazyaboutlinux, 10-01-2010, 05:55 AM
No this is not my solution which i want, it opens only home page & when i click on other links it shows Destination URL in browser address bar.

Posted by drspliff, 10-01-2010, 06:03 AM
Then create a full reverse proxy.

Posted by khunj, 10-01-2010, 07:11 AM
mod_rewrite does that :

Posted by crazyaboutlinux, 10-01-2010, 08:41 AM
This one is also not working I've redirected from cPanel redirection but it shows destination url in address bar not Source URL.. & I do not want that please find below redirection rule for the same.

Posted by khunj, 10-01-2010, 02:29 PM
It works with your first message (internal redirection) but of course won't work for external redirections otherwise all phishers/scammers would have a lot of fun!

Posted by drspliff, 10-01-2010, 06:13 PM
If they were on the same server you could simply setup a local Alias. But they never specified that, personally I'd wait for them to figure out Apache has manuals, then another week until they realize the manuals are for reading, not just something nice to look at.

Posted by crazyaboutlinux, 10-04-2010, 06:23 AM
No, they are not on same server.

Posted by drspliff, 10-04-2010, 09:13 AM
So your options are pretty limited to be able to do what you want, either you load the content in an iframe or you setup a reverse proxy to the other server.

Posted by guru4hosting, 10-04-2010, 11:01 AM
iframe would be the best option !!

Posted by crazyaboutlinux, 10-05-2010, 01:06 AM
Hi, Can you please give me an iframe code ?

Posted by drspliff, 10-05-2010, 04:19 AM
You mean like this guy did?

Posted by crazyaboutlinux, 10-05-2010, 04:53 AM
yes, let me explain more about URL Masking / Stealth Redirection / URL Hiding it can be done from Domain Control Panel. its called domain forwarding. i have done for other client & it works , but this case is very strange, this client is also want to use Mail Service, so if i use domain forwarding from domain control panel, then IP address would be changed. testdomains.com is hosted on server "A" IP is 65.9x.xx.xxx and i want to redirect this domain server "B" www.example.com/Test Domains/ which is different server. after domain forwarding IP address for this domain would be changed like testdomains.com ip is 89.7x.xxx.xx We can't use MX on server 'A' any idea guys ? How does URL Masking work? In case of URL Masking the Domain Forwarding server sends the client a Frames page where the Frame Source contains the destination URL you have specified. This ensures that the URL in the address bar of the browser does not change though the client sees the destination page.

Posted by crazyaboutlinux, 10-06-2010, 04:25 AM
Hi All, I've fixed this issue, but thanks for your kind support. cheers!

Posted by crazyaboutlinux, 10-14-2010, 08:37 AM
Sorry for the late update i am just filling Good from my Bad Injury. Fix Can be found here. But i still be waiting for any Iframe Solutions. Fixes

Posted by drspliff, 10-14-2010, 09:04 AM
That *is* the frame/iframe method.

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