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Switched to HostGator...

Posted by emills01, 01-16-2005, 09:10 PM
I signed up with HostGator last week, after spending close to a year or so on a dedicated server that I was quite unqualified to run . I was a little leery because of the problems they had on their servers, but it looked like they handled it extremely well considering the hand they were dealt, and that was important to me. So I took the plunge. It's still early, but so far I'm glad I did. Signup was incredibly fast and easy, and my account was set up and ready to go almost immediately, which astounded me. It was by far the fastest account setup I've ever experienced. I had two forum databases that where too large to restore via myPHPadmin, and so I contacted support via online chat. They were extremely helpful - I didn't have shell access but once I uploaded the backup to my site they restored it for me. Twice. It's so easy to get ahold of someone and they are helpful and knowledgeable. I've never had a host that helpful and easy to get ahold of. So like I said, I know it's early, but so far so good. Just wanted to pass that along. And for the record, I have no affiliation with HostGator other than the reseller hosting I bought from them. Thanks whomever recommended them in an earlier thread I posted!

Posted by anzenketh, 01-16-2005, 09:26 PM
I myself have used them and I left after a month I thought there support was rather rude and inconserterate. I asked them some questions on some issues they spun me around for a cupple hours then they droped my on my feet saying we do not support that. My opinon of them is bad you may have better luck. Just to not fight with them becouse they fight back which i think is a bad thing for a company. After ALL The Customer is always right. I know this is a catch all saying and it is not true but you treat the customer as if they are always right and know that they are sometimes not. As for uptime and stuff I they are fine. But i would prefure a smaller company. I do not see what the big fuss is about big companys.

Posted by Tom O'Connor, 01-17-2005, 12:42 AM
Maybe you had different people in support, if a tech was rude to me I would report him to the company he works for.

Posted by emills01, 01-17-2005, 01:53 AM
They weren't overly polite, but I don't think think I'd classify them as rude, and it certainly wasn't enough to make me think about quitting them.

Posted by anzenketh, 01-17-2005, 01:54 AM
I did. The owner even said to me before it is my falut. Never ever his fault but my fault now true sometimes it is the cusotmers fault but you never tell them that.

Posted by freak, 01-17-2005, 05:03 AM
That does go abit overboard doesn't it? Judging from that, I can guess that the techs were rude to you, only because you were to them...

Posted by BF-Gary, 01-17-2005, 06:23 AM
ktfcc, I am not sure why you would join to just hijack this thread. If you wish to be heard start your own but your experience really has nothing to do with the posters. emills01, Glad to hear you are happy with the service keep everyone updated at the 3 and 6 month mark when you have more experience with them

Posted by hiwd, 01-17-2005, 12:31 PM
I have a reseller accound with them, and never had a problem with there support. Every issue I had they resolved it for me, and then said No problem, have a nice day. <<< Signatures need to be set up in your profile. >>> Last edited by SoftWareRevue; 01-18-2005 at 03:25 PM.

Posted by BrentOfHG, 01-17-2005, 01:07 PM
ktfcc you were very hostile practically every time you contacted us. When you fail to follow directions and install something incorrectly it is your own fault. You cannot go through life blaming others for your own faults and then demand compensation as a result. You also cannot blackmail a company into offering you something they do not offer. "LISTEN HERE. Ok this is the last straw unless you want a bad name for your company and believe me I can do it. This is what I request. How much for you to do a backup system of this sorts Daily Backup Kept for 7 days. The 7th daily backup turns into Weekly backup. That is kept for each week tell a month comes along. I can take the backup from there." let's go over a few of your tickets you put in....... (I edited any personal information out) "Ok you guys told me to set up my 2 private domain servers That totally blows out the purpose of a ns2 So how do I setup a different ip" you're welcome e-mail we sent you covered this.... "um phpbb not working I went to install phpbb for one of my clients and it decided not to work on me Can you help me fix it. Said there was a problem with your installation." you did not know how to install it correctly so our techs politely did it for you. You believed it was a server problem. You also had this problem with autopilot. I told you if it did not work it was not installed correctly. You seemed to believe it was the servers fault again and that you should be given compensation and we should install free. "I know you guys do not "support" 3rd party software however: _ 1. I think it is the servers falt 2. you helped me this far now finish it and stop tossing me around. 3. I have been dealing with this problem with you guys sence 1.pm on sonday 4. at at 3.45 when someone finly got tierd of dealing with me said We do not "support" 3rd party software Not only that the online support neglects there customers I have chat logs of every single one and if you claim "support" I expect it Or I expect compensation. Here is the problem MY whm ap is not communicating with my whm you finally said.... "I have gotten the issue resolved it looks like. Someone I originally uploaded it in Auto." Below is what we send out in every autopilot email...... "We our sorry to say that we do not offer phone support for autopilot. If you need help we can try and assist you if you email support@hostgator.com However if you aren't able to install it after reading the autopilot manual, watching the install movie, and reading our faq you will more than likely need to have us install it for you. When uploading autopilot make sure you are uploading in binary mode. This is the biggest mistake users do upon installation." >>>>>>>> When uploading autopilot make sure you are uploading in binary mode. This is the biggest mistake users do upon installation." Which you said ended up being your problem. "Yes you can give me a refund I was not 100% satisfied. And I would like to cancel my account If my request is denied I will report you to papal. And obviously you did not read my post hard enough Because it contradicted everything you said." you reported us to paypal before we had a chance to refund you. "Hello, I have a resell account with you and I would like to hide the /* Anotherwords Lets say a customer goes to my site http://www..com/ Well it pops up a extention part of that saying index.html I do not want them to see the index.html or anything after the > _ How do I go about and hide that" our response.. "Hello, _That is purely something that can be managed in coding. You need to create a invisible frame in your main page. and then in the second frame you need to call the main site. That way no URL is seen. Please let us know if you have any further queries and we will be glad to assist you further." yours.. "It has noting to do with a coding did you not read my email it has to do with the setup of apache." I stand behind telling you the server was not at fault and it was installed wrong. I hope your new host treats you better than we did. We were obviously wrong being honest with you and trying to help.

Posted by Nukern - Philippe, 01-17-2005, 01:40 PM
I have to agree with some people here that the support crew is sometimes ... a bit rude. But the job is always done... might take some time, without any info on the support side, but they always ended up saying problem is fixed. So in overall, I'd say support is good and service is excellent. Just that some people don't know how to speak to some other people. EDIT: But as HostGator prooves it here, ktfcc was rude himself. I believe that clients like him are not welcome on our hosting services. We want to be doing business only with well mannered people. One that knows how to behave. But then again, this is just how we deal with clients like that. We are always polite, but tell them, thank you for choosing us, but unfortunatly we won't be able to provide these services for you. Here is your refund and good luck with your new hosting company. Last edited by Nukern - Philippe; 01-17-2005 at 01:44 PM.

Posted by anzenketh, 01-17-2005, 11:27 PM
First off i did not join for that reason if you would look at my posts i posted quite a bit before I even thought of posting in this thread. I found it true hostgator has 24/7 support True they are not always bad Just my overall expereance is bad. I did not want to go around being given the mary go round and call a long distance number just to work things out. I am not saying anyone is at fault i am not even pointing fingers my topic is purly on buisness ethics. That is my problem with hostgator is there buisness ethics and these posts prove it. I did not want to start a argument I just wanted to post my opinion and acculy i joined this fourm for other reasons one to learn one to post to get involoved. I am all around acculy i nice guy me myself work in customer support I know what it is like to deal with rude customers shure my complaint was brif but it was just a complaint. The fact you send 2 pepole here to attack somones Opinion that is all it is a opinion. Tells me something. Edit: NOTE I am not saying i am the perfect angel we all have our blowups I found myself pritty calm most the time though. I just got fedup. Also i would request the full copy of all accounts before you pass judement. The posts he posts that i said are edited. Anyways I hope you have luck with hostgator and i hope hostgator has luck on hosting too. I have found a host more sutible for me. But It works for me. Now I wish never to reurn to this subject again not becosue I necesarly did something wrong. But becosue It brings up harbored old feelings. WIsh you all luck Tuxmaster. Last edited by anzenketh; 01-17-2005 at 11:38 PM.

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