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What do I do with this hardware? Thinking of offering split shares on a colo...dumb?

Posted by Lurker, 07-21-2001, 01:21 PM
Hi, Some things didn't work out and I am stuck with some hardware that was intended to be a server: Intel OR840 Dual-P3 Mainboard 512+mb RDRAM 3x18gb U160 10krpm Seagate HDDs 3x18gb U160 10krpm IBM HDDs 1x36gb U160 7200rpm Quantum HDD Adaptec 29160 U160 Controller Floppy (the all important part) I don't have a redundant power supply or a U-style case at this time or any sort of backup solution. I hate to sell the hardware off at a big loss over what I paid so I was thinking about slapping some of this stuff together and shipping it off for a little colocation box. Trouble is, I really don't have a use for a whole box to myself and I won't be ready to resell for another three months or so. And even then, I couldn't fill a box for a good while. So I'm kind of stuck. I could sell it now and then buy it all again in three+ months which seems dumb or I could let it sit fallow during that time, which seems dumb too. So I thought maybe I could offer large chunks of space/transfer to three or four people and put the box in use now. I was thinking along the lines of something like 10GB of space and 100GB of transfer for $150/month. Would that be an unreasonable expectation or do you think I'd be able to get 3 or 4 interested parties quickly? Is this is a workable solution or should I just suck it up and take the loss on the hardware rather than try to work this out? Nothing on the pure business side worries me, I have plenty of know-how for that end, but I am lacking in experience as it would pertain to hosting. (In a convoluted way that was meant to say I am businessman looking to get into a hosting business as opposed to a high school computer whiz kid looking to get into the business world...hope that makes sense.) And of course, this isn't some huge affair. I'll have to set up a few checks and balances to ensure neither party could lose his/her shirt, but for the most part it would be a rather informal arrangement. I know I'm a newbie here, but if some of you more experienced folk could give some advice, I'd appreciate it. (And this is not some sort of sneaky advertisement that I've noticed is against the rules here...I have no company name or contact info displayed, there is nothing to buy from me.)

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