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Leaving hostforweb.com, need replacement

Posted by jaredhite1, 09-13-2005, 01:31 PM
Hello all- I've spent a while on this forums looking for a suitable replacement for hostforweb.com, but haven't found one. I'm currently on hostforweb.com's $35/month reseller program. I am a web developer and I only host my own clients so I can be particular to be able to troubleshoot any issues, so I'm not really looking to make alot of money on the hosting. I currently host about 10 domains. Here are my requirements: 1. 7GB space 2. 100 GB bandwidth (right now I get 200GB, but I'd survive on 100) 3. PHP 4.3 or better 4. mySQL 4.1 (I would pay extra for the 5.0 beta with stored procedures and views, but I doubt anybody's running it yet) 5. awstats 6. Latest gd library (ImageMagick a plus) Up to $40/month (I'd pay $50 if I could also have windows hosting available). Site5, resellerzoom, and jodohost seem to fall short on space, bandwidth, and versions of mySQL. Thanks in advance, Jared [edit - I also tried the host quote feature on this site, but didn't get any reasonable results.]

Posted by Lubby, 09-13-2005, 01:55 PM
For something that size you may also want to contact any reseller providers you have interest in for a custom quote. Here is a list to get you started. http://www.digitallyjustified.com http://www.httpme.com http://www.dotable.com http://www.axishost.com http://www.diyhosting.com Those are all respected companies that have a good name on this forum and you should expect good service from any of them. Do lots of research before picking one though, make your own observations from searching here on WHT for reviews of them and spend the time now to find a good host, to save yourself a future headache. Happy Host Hunting!

Posted by ByteMaster, 09-13-2005, 03:34 PM
You haven't said why you want to move?

Posted by jaredhite1, 09-13-2005, 03:48 PM
Sorry - I mentioned it in a few other recent posts and didn't want it to sound like I'm only here to bash hfw...They were down for several days when the hard drive on my server crashed and lost a ton of valuable data and software. They are also down several times a week. I felt like they misrepresented how robust their backup system was. Thank you Lubby for the links. Those do look like good hosts, but they are quite a bit more expensive than hostforweb.com was. I may consider diyhosting.com if I can't find something cheaper. Thanks, Jared

Posted by Tina J, 09-14-2005, 09:09 AM
Jared, "but they are quite a bit more expensive than hostforweb.com" Isn't hostforweb the company that is down several times a week and you feel they misrepresented their backups to you? Can you see a possible correlation between "price" and "services"? --Tina

Posted by blackbm, 09-14-2005, 01:49 PM
Check out http://devotedhost.biz/index.php?s=reseller&d=compare

Posted by TonyB, 09-14-2005, 09:38 PM
Thanks for the recommendation but we haven't rolled out mySQL 4.1 yet so we're not an option. As for the requirements at hand I think the mySQL version is going to be the hardest to find. I assume anyone you potentially want to use you'll need to ask them if they are for sure running mySQL 4.1

Posted by YLH - Angus, 09-14-2005, 09:46 PM
As Lubby says the best thing to do is contact a few hosts with your requirements as they are your first priority and if a host can't meet them they are automatically eliminated regardless of price or other considerations. Then you can form a short list and assess them further

Posted by jaredhite1, 09-14-2005, 11:23 PM
Hi all- Some great replies so far. Thank you very much. "Can you see a possible correlation between "price" and "services"? " Yes, but I don't think it's a linear relationship...It seems like I would have to pay 2-3 times as much to get marginally better service. To me, $40/month is a lot of money for hosting and I should get something decent for that. It looks like diyhosting is off my options list...I'm reading of recent trouble in the ranks. "Thanks for the recommendation but we haven't rolled out mySQL 4.1 yet so we're not an option." Actually you're probably my best option so far. 4.1 is more of a deep yearning than a requirement. I'll just have to rewrite the queries that aren't 4.0 compatible...Luckily I just upgraded to it myself a few months ago. I'm curious as to why you (and most of the world) hasn't upgraded yet though. 4.1 has been the official production release for 6 months or so, right? Hopefully just holding off for the big release of 5.0. "contact a few hosts with your requirements" Most of my requirements (with the exception of the mySQL & GD versions) are fairly straightforward so I've mostly been able to determine from the hosts' sites whether or not they meet my needs. Thanks again everybody for the recommendations. The search continues. -Jared

Posted by YLH - Angus, 09-14-2005, 11:36 PM
Great to hear you are making progress Jared I would expect TonyB would have 4.1 out shortly as it has been out about 6 mths so far Have you thought of posting in the web host offers section where hosts can respond to you directly with their offerings?

Posted by jaredhite1, 09-15-2005, 12:05 AM
Have you thought of posting in the web host offers section where hosts can respond to you directly with their offerings?" No I didn't know that was what it was for...I thought it was just for hosts to post their deals to the general public. Excellent suggestion. Thanks, Jared

Posted by YLH - Angus, 09-15-2005, 12:16 AM
No problems Jared It's just that Forum rules prevent hosts from soliciting business in the main forum areas but in the offers section they can promote themselves and you and they are free to answer and respond to any queries with regards to elaboration on their services Happy viewing

Posted by TonyB, 09-15-2005, 04:47 PM
Basically some PHP scripts don't function correctly with MySQL 4.1 or even PHP 5 so most hosts choose to not deal with the issue of popular scripts not working in the newer versions. There is also the issue of the fact that 4.0 and 4.1 are not compatible and cannot be reversed do to change syntax in 4.1. But I assume most people will be upgrading to MySQL 4.1 soon it's just a matter of making sure most popular scripts work fine

Posted by eSited, 09-15-2005, 05:09 PM
Have you visit dreamhost.com ? Not sure if their mysql is 4.1 but their specs might match your budget

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