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Domain registration?

Posted by bullony13, 05-20-2003, 10:20 PM
About 3 months ago I started a little reselling website. Mostly was a hobby...but it is quickly becoming a big business. I expect to be going full time in about 6 months...I can't believe it. Anyway...I want to start offering domain registration...but how? I mean, I want it some how integrated in to my site. I also would like to be able to give free domains every now and then for promotions.

Posted by idologicJeff, 05-20-2003, 10:26 PM
Some companies will offer this as an option to their resellers. It might be the most cost effective way of doing this. Cheers Jeff PS good to hear about your success.

Posted by bullony13, 05-20-2003, 11:03 PM
Unfortunately mine doesn't. I think I will be moving to dedicated server(s) soon too.

Posted by Akash, 05-21-2003, 12:07 AM
enom.com is probably what you're looking for (do a search for enom here) there's software already available (modernbill) that integrates enom, your payment processor (the popular ones are compatible), and support etc so you could make your company a one stop shop. Also check out dramsystem.com Other resellers: onlinenic.com

Posted by zoli, 05-21-2003, 01:28 AM
You should certainly consider having an enom reseller account. It is the best solution for resellers.

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