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server with online.net

Posted by Skylaket, 11-27-2016, 06:47 AM
I am from Pakistan can i able to order dedicated server from online.net ? VAT and other issue

Posted by net, 11-27-2016, 06:52 AM
Why not try to order or contact them instead?

Posted by AndriusPetkus, 11-27-2016, 09:04 AM
Only they can answer to your questions. Also you can read about their services in their forum, I found one pre-sales thread: https://forum.online.net/index.php?/...ions-answered/

Posted by lifecircle, 11-28-2016, 10:51 AM
i dont think.. like scaleway you dont add Prepaid card or paypal :-)

Posted by SenseiSteve, 11-28-2016, 02:55 PM
Have you attempted to contact them today to determine if you can order one of their dedicated servers?

Posted by jsborn, 11-29-2016, 03:38 AM
You need to contact them personally to find out answers on your questions. Be prepared to give honest answers regarding purpose of using their server, hat you are going to install and what will you do. Also be ready to be under full control from their side.

Posted by Saurav Nayak, 12-01-2016, 03:14 AM
Forum members are right, you have to personally contact them for any inquiry about server specifications. What are your requirements by the way? Vat and other issue depends upon your government policies and taxation scheme. State and central government collaboratively determine tax and it depends upon factors like product type, size, price, exporting country etc. My personal recommendation would be contacting online.net and asking if they have any centers located in Pakistan? If they have any centers it will reduce your worries.

Posted by MilesWeb, 12-01-2016, 10:24 AM
As long as you can make the payment through their accepted payment gateways you shouldn't have any problem. VAT will not be applicable for you.

Posted by westplainshosting, 12-04-2016, 02:59 PM
I have been using online.net personally for years. The only issue I ever had with there payment system was that my credit card issuer blocked the payment because it was from another country. That was easily fixed with a phone call. I think VAT only only paid if you a ordering from within the EU.

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