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Install operating system from an online ISO using KVM

Posted by help_james84, 02-18-2012, 09:06 AM
Hi - have a dedicated server and it came preinstalled with windows. Been fine and solid for couple years but would like to change to vmware esxi then install windows and linux as virtual machines. The datacenter have the ability to automatically reinstall several operating systems via their control panel but don't have esxi as a reinstall option which I would like to setup. They can provide me KVM access but is it possible for me to mount a remote online ISO using KVM so that I can get esxi installed. If I formatted the existing hard drives so computer was blank does KVM have the functionality to allow me to use an ISO held at an internet online location. I guess I would need the same functionality to then install the other ISO for the windows and linux virtual machines. Or is the only way this can work is for me to post a pre burned DVD down to the datacenter and they put the DVD into the physical server.

Posted by Linn_Boyd, 02-18-2012, 10:05 AM
James, This depends on the KVM that is used by the data center, with most of the newer USB KVM's you can. Also a large number of the IPMI boards that have KVM built in can do the same thing. Cheers!

Posted by Patrick, 02-18-2012, 10:11 AM
As mentioned, most newer KVM's and IPMI boards have 'Virtual Media' so you should be OK.

Posted by help_james84, 02-18-2012, 10:45 AM
Have just asked them and the answer is "This would not be possible, the only way to do this would be to use physical media in the server from which to boot unfortunately". Looks like I might be stuck with their default os's. One option I thought of but no idea how feasible. Partition the hard disk to leave original OS on 1st parition. Create a 2nd partition to act as a folder with the all the files from the esxi ISO put onto that drive partition. Create a 3rd large partition for the future esxi install. Send the datacentre a DVD with Ultimate Boot CD on and ask them to put into the physical server. Then is there a tool in Ultimate Boot CD which could be used to run the esxi setup files from that 2nd partition on the hard drive. I then install esxi onto the majority spare space on the 3rd partition. Would esxi then allow me to pull down ISO from Internet for linux and windows distributions? In theory I end up with physical DVD in the server containing Ultimate Boot CD. 1st partion being the datacentre default os. 2nd partition having all the esxi files on and hopefully acting like another DVD drive. 3rd partion having the main ESXI installation and subsequent linux/windows virtual machines. Oh the number of things that could go wrong doing this.

Posted by net, 02-18-2012, 10:50 AM
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Posted by Maxnet, 02-18-2012, 04:18 PM
Sounds horribly complicated. Just ship them the ESXi CD instead?

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